Grand Isle - Multiple Jobs

Location of Project:  Jefferson Parish LA

General Scope of Project: Louisiana’s barrier islands represent a critical first line of defense in the system that has protected its inland population from the ravages of hurricanes. However, coastal erosion has shaved Louisiana’s barrier islands to slivers and turned marshland to open water, opening the way for hurricane winds and flooding to move inland. Since the 1960, Bertucci has been working with a variety of federal, state, and local agencies in their efforts to restore and preserve Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island, Grand Isle.

The features constructed by Bertucci consist mainly of a series of rock structures: segmented breakwaters, jetties and a groin structure. Breakwaters were first placed on the gulf side to protect the beach against surf. Later, breakwaters were constructed on the back bay side to prevent erosion from the north and to mitigate the impact of the loss of wetlands above the island.

Over the past 50 years or so we have completed 21 jobs on Grand Isle. The Company has placed more than 300,000 tons of stone on the ­­island.

Grand Isle Coast Guard Jetty

Customer: United States Coast Guard
Dates of Construction: 1969-1970

Grand Isle Boulder Groins

Customer: Town of Grand Isle
Dates of Construction: August 1989 – Nov 1989

Grand Isle Breakwaters, Stone Supply

Customer: State of Louisiana
Dates of Construction: May 1994 – July 1994

DACW29-94-C-0101, Grand Isle Breakwaters

Customer: USACE / New Orleans
Dates of Construction: Nov 1994 – Feb 1995

Segmented Breakwaters, North Shore, Grand Isle Phase 2, Jefferson Parish, LA

Customer: Grand Isle Independent Levee District
Dates of Construction: April 1995 – May 1995

DACW29-98-C-0014, Chenier – Caminada Breakwaters

Customer: USACE / New Orleans
Dates of Construction: Feb 1998 – April 1998
Fall 1990 and Fall 1992