Queen Bess Island State Restoration Project

Project Location:    Jefferson Parish LA

Customer’s Name: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

General Scope of Project: Due to significant erosion over the last 100 yr, Queen Bess Island had been reduced in size from 45 acres (1956) to 17 acres (1989), and the elevation has been reduced so that the island is frequently overwashed by small storms. Additionally, Queen Bess Island is one of only three brown pelican rookeries in Louisiana. Reduction in island size, as well as the loss of black mangrove from the island, severely limited nesting habitat for the endangered pelicans. Bertucci worked on the island’s restoration completing two projects. In October 1990, as a part of Phase 1 of the Queen Bess Island State Restoration Project (BA-05b), an 1,800-ft retainment dike was constructed on the western side of Queen Bess Island. In October 1992, Phase 2 of the Queen Bess Island State Restoration Project (BA-05b) was completed. This phase of BA-05b was designed to place riprap and crushed limestone around the entire perimeter of the island.

Dates of Construction
Two phases:
Fall 1990 and Fall 1992