Company History

Bertucci Contracting Corporation traces its history to the turn of the last century when the present owner's great-great grandfather began hauling sand from pits along the Mississippi River in New Orleans. By the end of WW II, the business had evolved from mule drawn wagons to diesel-powered equipment. In the late 1950's, Bertucci began concentrating on building rock structures along the inland waterways and the gulf coast. Five generations have passed and the business ideals and practices along with the expertise and skills that were developed through the years have positioned Bertucci as the local market leader in coastal restoration work across the Gulf Coast.

Bertucci Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing responsible and efficient solutions in the effort to preserve our lands and waterways for future generations, while maintaining a safe, secure and stable work environment for our employees and their families.

Corporate Objectives

The overriding objective of the enterprise is to perpetuate the business by:

  • Generating fair profits to enhance financial stability
  • Maintaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce by providing a safe work environment as well as development for our employees
  • Developing mutually beneficial professional relationships with our vendors and customers
  • Continuing as responsible and active corporate citizens and as effective advocates for the preservation and restoration of Louisiana's coastal marshes