Flood Fighting & Hurricane Response

Beginning with the 1973 flood fight on the Mississippi River, Bertucci has played a major role for the New Orleans District Army Corps of Engineers in almost every major flood fight and hurricane response in South Louisiana.

In 1973, we were called upon to place over three hundred thousand tons of stone in the scour hole underneath the Old River Control Structure to stabilize the structure and prevent the Mississippi River from diverting down the Atchafalaya Basin.

In 1986, Bertucci placed over two hundred thousand tons of shell and stone to stabilize a scour hole in the Missippi River levee in New Orleans at Celotex.

Our performance for the Corps in these and other emergencies made Bertucci the obvious choice to be one of the lead contractors to close the breaches along the 17th street and London Ave. canals caused by Hurricane Katrina. Bertucci placed over one hundred and thirty thousand tons of rip rap and crushed stone as well as hundreds of the large stone filled bags closing the breaches so the un-watering operations could begin.

Bertucci was called upon to respond in the wake of Hurricane Gustav to close breaches in Grand Isle’s front levee to protect the Island from further damage from oncoming Hurricane Ike. Bertucci crews worked deep into the night to complete the breach closings some ten hours after the all residents, workers and even the National Guard had evacuated.