Coastal and Marsh Restoration

Bertucci is the most active and experienced contractor performing barrier island and marsh protection and restoration projects on the coastal islands and marshes of Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas. This experience began in the 1950's with stone protection work on Grand Isle and East Timbalier Islands.

In the 1960's, Bertucci pioneered the use of filter fabric and articulated concrete mats in coastal protection projects in south Louisiana. Bertucci teamed with a Dutch engineer to produce and use Gobi-Mats which were concrete blocks glued to filter fabric panels that were placed along the interior banklines to prevent erosion.

Bertucci has maintain their position as the industry leader over the last 50 plus years working on over 45 CWPPRA and CPRA projects as well as building and maintaining over 75 stone offshore breakwaters along the coast of Louisiana from Grad Isle to Cameron. Additionally, we have played major parts in constructing and protecting Wilson Gaillard Island in the Mobile ship Channel, Queen Bess Island in Barataria Bay, and Wine Island below Cocodrie to name a few of our barrier island projects.